It has been reported by the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) that the UAE ranked first in the Arab world in terms of the value of manufactured exports in 2021, with a total value of $142.5 billion. According to the AMF’s Joint Arab Economic Report, the UAE’s manufacturing industry exports account for 43.9% of all Arab manufacturing exports, due to strong growth in re-exports.

UAE leads the Arab world in exporting manufactured goods

There was a 33.2 percent increase in manufacturing exports in Arab countries in 2021, compared to $244 billion in 2020, as a result of the unwinding of COVID-19 restrictions. It was also reported that Saudi Arabia was second only to the UAE with approximately $69 billion and a 21.2% stake, followed by Morocco with $19.9 billion and a 6.1% stake, and Egypt with a 6.1% stake, Bahrain with 2.2%, Jordan with 2.1%, Kuwait with 2%, and Algeria with 1%.