During the voting on the constitution amendment bills earlier this month, both chambers of the Nigerian national assembly rejected five constitutional amendments. They clearly don’t want Nigeria to progress, and their only interest is to further enhance the power of Nigerian men by throwing out these Bills in such a cavalier and arrogant manner. Since March 2, 2022, women have been protesting at the National Assembly against the rejection of several bills seeking gender equality in the country.

Nigerian women protest against the Gender Bill with tenacity

The protest is intended to get federal lawmakers to rethink all the gender bills that were rejected during the Constitution amendment last week. Womanifesto’s co-convener, Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi, made this statement during a meeting with other women groups. On the first day of Women’s History month, the Nigerian legislature voted to deny citizenship to foreign-born husbands of Nigerian women while a Nigerian man’s foreign-born wife gets automatic citizenship. Legislators also denied Nigerians in the Diaspora the right to vote.

Furthermore, Akiyode-Afolabi noted that lawmakers voted to deny women the right to take indigeneship in their husband’s state after five years of marriage, as well as rejecting women’s appointments for 35 percent of positions. In addition, the lawmakers voted to deny women 35 percent equity in party administration and leadership, as well as specific seats in the National Assembly.

At least 200 Nigerian women protested at the National Assembly against the rejection of the bills. The women of Nigeria have resolutely continued to challenge the misogynistic attitudes of some lawmakers and the disregard for women concerns. Despite the fact that Nigerian law discriminates against women, women were ready to rise up and take their destiny into their own hands, and they called for women across the country to do the same. By voting against the gender bills, the 9th National Assembly (NASS) denied Nigerian women the opportunity of inclusion and representation.