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Madagascar tops African countries in terms of Internet speeds

Africa is one of those continents that has a huge number of internet users, with the number ranging to be about 525 million users according to a report from 2020. This figure is significantly greater than those in Latin America & the Caribbean and the Middle East. Despite having so many internet users, African countries generally lag behind many countries in terms of internet speeds.

The top ten African countries in terms of Internet speeds including Madagascar (32.07) which places the country at the top of Africa and 33rd Globally, which is a bit surprising as it is ahead of developed countries like the UK and Australia. The improvement in the internet speeds is because of the Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System that is supplying the country with fiber broadband speeds. Madagascar has had the fastest internet in the continent since 2018 and has been topping the charts since.

Cape Verde is ranked at number two, with the second-fastest internet speeds in Africa with an average internet speed of around 27.53 Mbps that puts the islands at 136th place globally. In early 2017, only 19% of the people in the country owned a cellular phone out of which only 70% of them had access to the internet but with the efforts of government and ISPS like Vizocom in the country, the internet access, and speeds have improved greatly.

At third place is the Republic of Seychelles which is an archipelagic island country in the Indian Ocean at the eastern edge of the Somali Sea. The country has an average internet speed of 26.76 Mbps which makes it the third-fastest in Africa and because it is one of the top tourist destinations in Africa, there is no surprise that the internet in this country is of great quality.

The remaining seven countries include Ghana at number four (23.98 Mbps), South Africa is number five with an average speed of 23.17 Mbps. Gabon is in the list of the top 10 with an average internet speed of 21.89 Mbps. Liberia is number seven on the list with an average internet speed of 21.34 Mbps. Togo is currently ranked #8 in Africa, with an average internet speed of 20.14 Mbps.  Mauritius is providing an average speed of 19.24 Mbps to the consumers in the country that ranks it and number nine on the list and Senegal comes at ten on the list with an average internet speed of 18.65 Mbps.