Kenya is one of those countries that is known for producing top athletes year in and year out. In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Kenya managed to get a total of 10 Medals ( four gold, four silver, and two bronze) and in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Kenya managed to get six gold medals and a total of 13 medals.

Kenya keeps dominating the world in track athletics

Kenya is known for producing world-class track stars and Kenyan athletes are so dominant in the whole world. It is a tradition that Africa has been producing some very talented and world-class athletes but no other nation on the continent of Africa has the ability to produce champions year in and year out like Kenya.

There are many theories as to why this is the case and why Kenyan athletes are dominating the whole world in track. Some say that it is their genes while others say that most of the runners are from the Rift Valley, a part of the country that is located at high altitude and this gives an advantage to the athletes over the rest but whatever the reasons may be, there is no denying that Kenyan athletes are no less than world-class.

The government of Kenya treats athletes as role models and then uses them as a way to inspire young athletes. This not only encourages the young athletes to stay motivated and keep working to achieve higher goals.

This approach is also helpful for the athletes as they have an institutional structure and background support. In other countries, the athletes are usually not respected by governments and do not help them. This is not only discouraging for the athletes but also for younger athletes who are discouraged by this and do not pursue this as a career choice.

The British World and Olympic Champion Mo Farah tells the story about the dedication of the Kenyan athletes that he witnessed when he decided to train with Kenyan athletes and saw them only doing three things; “just eat, sleep and train and nothing else” All of this was a huge shock for the British athlete and he was surprised to see the level of dedication of the Kenyan athletes and how devoted they were to their job.

This level of dedication, devotion, professionalism, and intense hard work is what distinguishes Kenyan athletes from the rest of the world. Kenyan athletes are managed by the same kind of people who manage the top athletes such as Usain Bolt and Mo Farah and this explains that if you are being managed by high-level people then it means that you are doing everything right and competing at the highest level. This gives them the chance to compete with the best and become the best in the world.

This is not only the case for Kenyan athletes. In various other countries of Africa such as Nigeria, the government is paying special attention to sports and is actively supporting the athletes. Even in other games such as Board Games, Nigeria has made a name for itself and is considered the most Scrabble-Obsessed nation in the world. Nigeria is a champion in Scrabble and the government is supporting the Scrabble players to become the best in the world.

The players have also been trying their best to excel at the game by getting help from different tools such as Scrabble Word Finder  which helps the players to tackle difficult situations in the game. The Scrabble players have also been practicing their Scrabble skills on similar word games like Words With Friends  to improve at the game as much as possible. All of this is done by the support of the government which not only encourages the current players to keep grinding to become the best but also motivates the young, emerging players to choose this as a career path.

This is what differs these athletes and players from the rest of the world. In these countries, even high schools are encouraging the athletes and the young athletes also see the economic potential in this sport that’s encouraging the athletes in Kenya.